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About SpeedCoffee

SpeedCoffee is a platform for busy singles to meet briefly and decide if they want to get to know each other better. Why speed ? Because unlike a regular coffee meeting where you could be stuck all evening with somebody you don't like (because it's rude to just up and leave), you will never be stuck at our events because you spend just 6 minutes with each person. Click here to read how it works.

It's enough time to know if he's NOT! It's enough time get a feel for one another without the need for a long first meeting. And if you feel the person is worth getting to know better, just mark them Yes on your scorecard and you'll get their email address, if there's a mutual match.

The time limit has 2 benefits : 1) It ensures that everybody gets to talk to everybody and nobody monopolizes a particular person's time. 2) It also ensures that you're never stuck with a boring match for too long. If you like somebody, just mark them YES and you could get their contact info if there's a mutual match. At the end of every event will be free mingling time, during which you can talk to any of the participants for as long as you wish. Mingling is optional, you can skip it if you wish.

On the contrary we help you avoid it. Since you meet 12 singles in one evening, you save the time, effort, money, travel, change of clothes and emotional energy you'd need to meet 12 people on different days at 12 different venues! SpeedCoffee is a lot like your friend bringing you multiple quality matches. Only we do it faster. 12 matches in one evening at one classy venue. :)

Not very different from the Swayamwar. In the ancient Indian tradition of Swayamvar, the prospective bride met several prospective grooms at one venue and chose The One. Even so far back in time, Indian women did not simply say 'Yes' to the lone proposal her parents brought her. She proactively chose the man she liked from the variety presented to her. That's really the most natural way of choosing a mate. With a nod to the 21st century, SpeedCoffee invites not just eligible young men, but women too. And instead of garlands, email addresses are exchanged. :)

Our events are always sold out. However, when that many people attend an event, there is a chance that not everyone will attend it. So we usually overbook to compensate for that, so you may meet a few more singles, or a few less.

The timer is put away and it's free mingling time for 20 mins. You can mingle like at any social event, talk to anybody without a time limit. Mingling is optional, you may leave after submitting your scorecard to the hosts.

SpeedCoffee attendees come from a variety of professions and businesses, who because of their busy lives cannot usually find the time required to meet other singles. There are Surgeons, Engineers, Entrepreneurs, MBA's, Investment Bankers, CEOs, Chartered Accountants, Digital artists, Creative personnel from TV and advertising, HRD Managers, fact, from a whole range of diverse professions and occupations. Please note : we cannot say for certain what kind of professionals you'll meet at your event. What we can assure you is that every person you meet is successful (or on their way) and has a depth of personality. Click here to see how we filter.

No. We only accept single men and women. If you're divorced, you need to have the divorce decree in your possession.

Not yet. But we do plan to have community based SpeedCoffee events in the future. Please stay subscribed to our mailing list to be informed about new event announcements. The list is spam free!

  1. First fill out the free Registration form. Whether you're approved (or declined) you'll be informed. You pay only if you are approved.
  2. If you're approved, select from one of these events and register for the event with one click.
  3. When the event date nears, you'll be sent a payment request. After you make the payment you'll receive venue info and other event details.

About the event

Events are held in the private area of an upscale, centrally located venue. Actual venue details are provided only to approved registrants for privacy reasons.

Dress code : Semi-formal.
What is Semi-formal? Not jeans and t-shirt, not suit and tie. Something in between.

Here are some event tips.

Most events are held between 4 pm and 6.30 pm. Some between 7pm to 9.30pm. Please view the event page for the timings for that event.

2 questions are NOT allowed at SpeedCoffee:

  1. Asking for their contact info (this violates their privacy) *
  2. Asking if they like you (this puts them on the spot)

Besides the above topics, we recommend you avoid cliched questions like "what are your hobbies?", "what movies have you seen lately?", "what's your sun sign?" etc. because they are boring and will make you come across as boring.

Also avoid discussing religion or politics, these are heavy topics that are best discussed later, not during a light chat. Use the 6 minutes to show that you're interesting and interested in what they have to say. Use their icebreaker responses (provided to you before the event begins) to ask them questions about topics that interest them. You can also find lots of conversation topics in the free ebook you got when you subscribed to our alerts.

Here are some conversation Do's & Don'ts at SpeedCoffee

* If somebody voluntarily offers their number to you, that's fine, but you cannot proactively ask for it. That's against the rules.

You can mark YES for all 12 singles if you wish. And you DON'T pay anything more, whether you receive 1 mutual match or 12. When you mark YES you're just saying that you want to know the person better, you're just keeping your options open. Often a person who may come across as shy on that day, may turn out to be a true find as you get to know them more. In fact we recommend that you mark YES for more than 1 person to increase your chances of finding a mutual match. And by the way, your event fee includes your matches, there are no additional charges for sending you your mutual matches.

Of course. Just mark them all 'NO' and you attend the next event for no cost. Though you'll have a tough time NOT liking any of the singles you meet at SpeedCoffee. :)

The venue is a centrally located upscale venue. A host and hostess greet you and lead you to the snack bar and answer your questions if any.

  1. You are provided with a name tag that has your first name.
  2. The event begins. Each person is paired with an opposite single. You interact for 6 minutes until a buzzer rings. Discreetly check the YES box on your scorecard if you'd like to have the person's contact info, check NO if you don't. Move to the next table and meet the next person for 6 minutes, and so on, until you meet all 12 singles.
  3. Midway through the event will be a break for snacks, then the interactions resume.
  4. After you have met everybody, there will be a free mingling time of 20 minutes when you can walk up to anybody and chat like at any social occasion, for as long as you want. This is optional, you can choose to skip this and leave the event (after handing in your scorecard to the hosts) and just wait to receive your mutual matches by mail.
  5. At the end of the event, hand over your scorecard to the hosts and leave. If a mutual interest is noted, we'll provide each party with the other's email address after 24 hours. You are then free to take things forward from there.
Most events are held between 4 pm and 6.30 pm, some between 7 pm and 9.30pm. Please see the event box for the timings of your event.

After the event, we have a free mingling time of 20 mins. You can mingle like at any social event, and talk to anybody without a time limit. After the mingling, you could still change your mind about a person and change her from No to Yes (or vice versa) before submitting your scorecard. Not comfortable mingling? You don't have to, simply leave submit your scorecard and leave, and wait for our email which will provide you with the contact info of your mutual matches.

About Payment

The event fee is mentioned on the event page. There is an early-bird fee for the first few days. Prices go up as event date nears. Lock the early bird fee by applying soon.

No, there are no hidden charges. Our one flat fee includes everything : the venue, unlimited snacks & non-alcoholic beverages, emailing of your matches and even a free invite to the next event if you don't find even a single mutual match.

You can pay by cheque, cash, netbanking or credit card.

Yes, women pay the same fee as the men.

Unfortunately not. Since we want to make sure that we have a specified number of people for each event, we cannot accept payment at the venue because it increases the chance of someone not making it.

This option is available only up to 15 days before an event because we require 12 days to process the funds. After that, the only way to pay is by cash, net banking or by VISA/Mastercard using our secure site.

You pay ONLY if your registration is approved. Click here for our refunds policy.

Yes, and here's how it works. If you're approved, your friend can attend at 50% off the listed price, provided s/he is approved too. Got questions? Write to support[@]

Please understand that it takes considerable time and effort to plan an event. Our staff work hard to ensure that every guest is suitably matched to an event. If a guest cancels at any time, it can be a real setback to the process. We cannot reserve your seat until payment has been received. Here is the SpeedCoffee refund policy in detail:

  • If we cancel or reschedule an event, you are eligible for a 100% refund.
  • If you do not show up for the event or if you're so late that the event has already started, then you are not eligible for a refund.

About Privacy

Absolutely not. We take privacy very seriously. Our events happen in the private area of an upscale venue. Besides the participants and the event organizers, there will be NOBODY else in that area. There will be no recording of any kind.

Of course, you can get a companion along. During the event, we request they wait in the lobby where comfortable seating is provided.

Of course. But if you are unsure, feel free to decline.

Other Questions

In the age of google and facebook, any company that's less than 100% honest is immediately exposed. We are not here for short-term gains. We have made large investments in our software and marketing efforts. In fact, the collections at our events don't even come close to the amount we spend on marketing them. :) But we are in no hurry to break even. Our mission is to be India's largest (and most fun!) singles network, no matter how long it takes. Click here for the SpeedCoffee promise.

We will accept one year older or younger than the specified age group. To ensure the satisfaction of all attendees, we request you to comply with this condition.

Yes. Just sign up for the event. We will not ask you for payment. Should a spot become available, you will be notified and you can then make the payment.

Did you check your spam/bulk folder? To prevent our emails from ending up in your spam/bulk folder, please add support[@] to your email address book and/or whitelist.
Here's a quick video that shows you how to whitelist any email address.

Unfortunately we cannot give specific reasons as to why you were declined as it is our policy to not divulge details of our decision making criteria since this would expose us to potential gaming of the system. However, these are the broad criteria on which we base our decisions.

Please suggest an event by going here. If we get enough requests for the event, we will consider creating it.

Fill the below contact form to send us any question, big or small. You can also subscribe to our free alerts here to be automatically informed about new events.

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