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about us

There is no singles event in India you can attend, confident that you'll meet ONLY quality people and nobody unpleasant or dicey. We are trying to fill this void.

SpeedCoffee™ is a Mumbai based singles network that provides a platform for quality singles to meet. What's unique about our events is that every participant goes through a screening process. We often ask to see original degree certificates, and sometimes insist on meeting applicants personally to ensure things are above board. We know, this can sometimes make us appear odd but hey, we ask the tough questions so you don't have to. It's very useful to have somebody who can screen the hundreds of options on your behalf and eliminate the needless choices from your life. This frees up your time to meet the ones you really enjoy connecting with. At SpeedCoffee you will only meet people who are approved for communication skills, educational qualifications and a depth of personality. So there are no unpleasant surprises like with shaadi websites, where people are free to misrepresent themselves.

SpeedCoffee isn't going to be the biggest brand in the world. The work involved takes considerable time and effort. This is, and will always be, a passion project.

How we screen

SpeedCoffee events are organized in the cities of Mumbai, New Delhi and Bangalore.

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