What is Speed Coffee?

what is speed coffee?

SpeedCoffee™ is a platform for busy singles to meet briefly and decide if they want to get to know each other better.

We provide a safe, relaxed space to meet quality, single professionals and entrepreneurs who are not just successful, but also have personality and depth.

Everybody who applies goes through a screening process and only a few are invited.

24 singles (12 men, 12 women) meet at an upscale venue and have a brief interaction for just 6 minutes. After each meeting, you discreetly mark yes or no on your scorecard and move on to the next person. No contact info is exchanged.

When you've met them all, you hand the scorecard to the organizers. If a mutual interest is noted, the organizers provide each party with the other's email address and they're free to take things further. The persons you marked no get absolutely no info about you.

Some people ask : "Is 6 minutes enough time to know if he's my soulmate?" Well, it's enough time to know if he's NOT. :)

It's enough time to get a feel for one another without the need for a long first date. Research suggests that within 30 seconds of meeting someone, you know if you share a chemistry. If you feel he's worth getting to know better, just mark YES on the scorecard.

Advantages of SpeedCoffee:

  • Quality singles
  • Real, in-person meeting
  • Your privacy protected
  • Saves you time, effort, money
  • No-pressure
  • Widen your social circle

Not very different from the Swayamwar. In the ancient Indian tradition of Swayamvar, a woman met several eligible men at one venue and chose The One. It's something to think about that even so far back in time, a woman did not meekly say yes to her parents' choice. She CHOSE the man from the variety presented to her. That's really the most natural way of choosing a mate. With a nod to the 21st century, SpeedCoffee™ invites not just eligible men, but women too. And instead of garlands, email addresses are exchanged. :)