What happens at the event

What happens at the event

The venue is a centrally located, upscale establishment. A hostess greets you and answer any queries you may have, while you help yourself to snacks & non-alcoholic beverages.

The event begins with you being paired with an opposite single. You interact for 6 minutes until a buzzer rings. Discreetly mark YES on your scorecard if you'd like to have that person's contact info, mark NO if you don't. Then move to the next table and meet the next single for 6 minutes. And so on, until you meet all 12 singles.

Midway through the event will be a break for snacks and stretching. Then, interactions resume.

After everybody has met everybody, there will be a free mingling time of 20 minutes, when you can walk up to any single and chat like at any social occasion (btw, this is optional, you are free to leave without mingling, but this session is a good time to get to know some person you may have marked "No" and give them another chance before handing in your scorecard).

At the end of the event, hand over your scorecard to the hosts and leave. If a mutual match is found, we'll provide each party with the other's email address after 24 hours. You are then free to take things forward from there. Scorecards are treated confidentially.

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