Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
  • We take privacy VERY seriously at SpeedCoffee™. It is what makes us unique, and we will never compromise on that.
  • At our events you are only identified by your first name. No other info about you is shared with other participants. Only the participants you mutually match with will be given your email address (after 24 hours) so you can contact each other and take things further.
  • Any personal/professional/miscellaneous information you provided during the registration process will not be revealed to ANY of the attendees of the event, not even to the ones you mutually match with. The singles you interact with at the event will have only that information that YOU choose to share with them.
  • We do not share, exchange, sell or release information about our customers or our mailing list to a third party under ANY circumstances.
  • Your photos are used to check your presentability*. Your photos will NEVER be displayed on the web site or shared with any attendee or with any third party, or printed anywhere.
  • Events are held in the private area of a venue. There are no passers by and no spectators. There will be no video shooting, photography or recording of any kind during the event.
  • Every mail from automatically includes an unsubscribe link. You can unsubscribe any time, and you will not hear from us again. We hate spam as much as you do!
  • Got privacy related queries not addressed here? Write to us

    * The difference between "goodlooking" and "looking presentable"? Not everybody is born good looking but everybody can look presentable with appropriate fashion and good grooming.

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