How we screen

How we screen applicants

We are often asked how we decide who to invite. When we screen a participant, we consider depth of personality, communication skills, professional qualifications and presentability. We cannot divulge too many details of our criteria since that would expose us to potential gaming of the system, but here is what we generally look for.


We look for interesting, self-aware, well-rounded and understanding human beings. Or as a participant described it, we look for a symphony, not just a note.

Communication skills

We don't expect you to be smooth and charismatic, but you must be able to hold a basic conversation. Can you talk about something? Anything? And if you can do it with passion, even better. If you are able to express your thoughts clearly and actively listen when the other person is talking, that's great. But if your idea of a conversation is "I, me, myself", not so great.

Professional qualifications

We expect you to be highly educated and high networth. If you're not, then at least be working in that direction. Be passionately pursuing a dream and operating from abundance, for instance. No drifters please.


We don't expect you to be good looking but you must look good. Anybody can look good with good grooming and appropriate fashion. Example : If you wear glasses, and don't like wearing contact lenses, at least pick a sexy spectacle frame. Be well groomed, have a good posture and an open, friendly body language. And please be in shape. Make sure your photos follow this format

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